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The Art of Inclusivity and Nude Nail Polish

Nude nail polish represents more than one color. For decades, the beauty and personal care industry has used the term “nude” to describe a single color, but now, it encompasses many shades that can complement our skin tones.

Celebrity Spotlight: Selena Gomez

If you love Selena Gomez and want some Selena Gomez-inspired nails, we have you covered! Do you want to recreate iconic Selena Gomez manicures with the same brand and colors? Well, you are in luck because the polishes are none other than The GelBottle Inc™ collection.

13 Unique Bridal Nail Designs for 2023

Over the years, bridal fashion has evolved from the traditional design. When it comes to their big day, many couples plan every detail, including unique bridal nails. Finding bridal nail ideas that fit one’s theme can be challenging, especially when trends come and go. For your inspiration, we have gathered our top 13 sets that are popular for weddings.

The Best Gel Nail Color Based on Zodiac Signs

Discover which gel nail colors match their zodiac signs for their next astrological set.

Best Gel Polish Colors for Every Season

When it comes to nail polish colors, knowing which one will be more popular can be tricky, but we have taken the guesswork out of it for you. Find the top gel polish shades to stock up on each season.

Celebrity Spotlight: Kim Kardashian

If you love Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we are here to keep you up to date on their latest nail trends! Do you want to recreate Kim Kardashian's nails with the same brand and colors? Well, you’re in luck because she uses The GelBottle Inc™ collection in her partnerships. From classic nudes to pretty pinks and whites, we will show you which shades she wears so you can try them. Plus, be inspired by the amazing nail artist who does Kim Kardashian's nails.

Fall Nail Polish Colors Inspired by Cozy Fall Beverages

The time is finally here when everyone starts brewing their favorite drinks and getting fall-themed nails. Take a sip of your warm (or cold) fall drink, and check out these color palettes to use in your next designs inspired by popular beverages.