The Art of Inclusivity and Nude Nail Polish

Nude nail polish is more than beige or one color. For decades, the beauty and personal care industry has used the term “nude” to describe a single color, but it encompasses many shades that complement our skin tones. Our uniqueness is what makes us beautiful and we, as a brand, are here to celebrate individuality. In recent years, there has been a push to do more to challenge the status quo in our industry and a lot of brands have answered that call. For us, nude gel polish collections are about bringing diversity and inclusivity into salons around the globe. Catering to different skin tones and complexions should not be an exception, but rather a norm. 

For each unique client you have, there is likely at least one complementary nude shade that highlights their individuality and enhances their natural beauty. If you are just starting out — or are wanting to expand your collection of nude polishes — we are here to help!


Best Nude Nail Polish for Dark Skin

dark nude gel polish cocoa


dark nude gel polish brunette


dark nude gel polish woody


dark nude gel polish caramel



Best Nude Nail Polish for Medium Skin

nude gel polish N32


espresso martini nude gel polish

Espresso Martini

nude gel polish honey



Best Nude Nail Polish for Fair Skin

nude gel polish B20


nude gel polish cashmere


nude gel polish silk


Nude gel polish nude



Best Nude Nail Polish for Tan Skin

nude gel polish truffle


nude gel polish macaroon


nude gel polish au naturel

Au Naturel

nude gel polish dune



Best Nude Nail Polish for Olive Skin

nude gel polish N34


nude gel polish N92


nude gel polish almond


nude gel polish Eve



So many people love nude nail polish, but one nude does not fit all; offering different nude shades will help represent and celebrate the diversity of your clients. We have a wide selection of nude nail polishes that you can add to your collection. We also now have your favorite nude colors in our builder gel BIAB™ collection!