DesignEx Pro™ - The only builder gel extension kit you’ll ever need

Introducing DesignEx Pro™, the game-changing system for gel nail extensions in a flash. Crafted from our durable new polymer, DesignEx Pro™ provides supreme strength for stunning builder gel extensions from arch to free edge.

With a range of timeless and trending nail shapes, discover ready-sculpted gel tip extensions to suit all, with up to 12 sizes per box. Build your own bespoke DesignExPro™ starter kit by choosing 14 boxes of gel tip extensions – an easy way to upgrade your treatment list today.

DesignEX PRO

How to apply your DesignEx Pro™ gel nail extensions

Choosing your gel tip extension shapes

Long Stiletto

Long Stiletto Tips

Sleek and sophisticated, with a signature point, embrace sky-high glamour with gel nail extensions in 12 different sizes.

Long Coffin

Long Coffin Tips

Featuring structured, square edges and a statement profile, discover trending gel tip extensions in 10 different sizes.

Medium Coffin

Medium Coffin Tips

All the charm of the iconic long coffin, but shorter. Capture a chic and wearable mani in a choice of 12 sizes.

Medium Square

Medium Square Tips

Pretty and versatile, these gel nail extensions are perfect for clients who are new to nail enhancements – available in 10 sizes.

Medium Almond

Medium Almond Tips

A soft shape meets a classic length for elegant gel nail extensions in a choice of 12 sizes.

Short Oval

Short Oval Tips

A timeless length and soft curve go hand-in-hand for a wearable, everyday shape, available in 12 sizes.

Medium Soft Almond

Medium Soft Almond Tips

If a natural look and feel is top of the wish list, add this easy, everyday gel tip extension to your collection – available in 12 sizes.

Revolutionise your gel nail extensions with DesignEx Pro™

Level up your gel nail extensions and shop the full DesignEx Pro™ range online, or browse our DesignEx Pro™ gel nail extension kit for everything you need to get started.

Want to master flawless extensions in a flash? With a range of accredited nail academy courses, you can be sure to put the Pro into DesignEx Pro™.