Fall Nail Polish Colors Inspired by Cozy Fall Beverages

The time is finally here when everyone starts brewing their favorite drinks and getting fall-themed nails. Take a sip of your warm (or cold) fall drink, and check out these color palettes to use in your next designs inspired by popular beverages.

Best Fall Nail Polish Colors To Match Fall Beverages


Pumpkin Spice Nails

Starting with the absolute classic: pumpkin spice lattes. Many autumn fans wait for the clock to strike midnight on Sept. 1, marking the beginning of pumpkin spice season. If your client is an avid pumpkin lover, then these colors are perfect for them:

  • Pumpkin - The name says it all—it is the perfect orange nail polish base to enjoy all fall.
  • Sahara - This dark brown gel nail polish will complement other orange shades.
  • Espresso Martini - The last shade in this palette is the right neutral to help your other colors pop.
  • Tiger Lily - This orange is the best shimmery substitute for Pumpkin if your clients love glitter.



Apple Cider Latte

If your clients are more of an apple cider fan, they might like more red undertones and darker hues:

  • Merlot - Draw cute fruit using this apple red nail polish.
  • Tan - Blend this light brown color into the background of each apple cider drink and coffee.
  • Fashhun - Match apple cider lattes with this brown.



Hot Chocolate

Who doesn't love a good warm hot chocolate on the coldest days of fall? To create a look like this, you should use a light brush with delicate strokes and shades like these that are true to their name and melt together perfectly like your warm drink:

  • Cocoa - This is the key ingredient when it comes to hot chocolate and the base for the perfect hot chocolate nails. We recommend a matte top coat as a finishing touch.
  • Fall - This light brown gel nail polish is perfect to add to the mix and celebrate the cooler season.
  • Caramel - As another amazing ingredient and shade, this warm brown blends seamlessly with all your browns.
  • Cacao - There is no chocolate without cacao, and this brown gel nail polish adds another light layer to your hot chocolate nail mix.
  • Beech - Top it off with whipped cream, and in this case, glitter to showcase how magical hot chocolate is.



Chai Latte Nails

A beautiful color to mimic warm chai is Espresso Martini, a light brown gel nail polish. But if they are looking for different nude shades, we have plenty.

To embrace the cozy season and help your clients celebrate with nails that match their favorite drinks, stock up on our fall nail polish colors. And if you're starting your nail tech journey this fall, we also have the perfect set to put you on the right track along with these products!



orange gel polish


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Espresso Martini

orange glitter gel polish

Tiger Lily

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Matte Top Coat

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