13 Unique Bridal Nail Designs for 2023

Over the years, bridal fashion has evolved from the traditional design. When it comes to their big day, many couples plan every detail, including unique bridal nails. Finding bridal nail ideas that fit one’s theme can be challenging, especially when trends come and go. For your inspiration, we have gathered our top 13 sets that are popular for weddings (and other occasions too!).

13 Unique Bridal Nail Ideas

1. Marble Wedding Nails

Keep it classy and a little sassy with a marble nail design — perfect for the bride looking for something traditional with a twist.

If you love this gorgeous look, then we have the perfect shades:

  • Marshmallow: a soft, warm, and sweet shade used as the base for this design.
  • Daisy: a creamy soft white used as the top layer to give the illusion of a marble effect.

2. Wedding Glitter Nails

Who doesn’t love glitter? Glitter nails fit the beautiful glam of the big day, which can be used for subtle or bold designs.

This soft, dreamy set can be achieved with one TGB color:

  • Angelina: a dazzling blush-pink shimmer with glitter that will shine in the sunlight and artificial lights.

3. Black Wedding Nails

Black is the new craze for nontraditional brides. Black wedding nails offer unique designs that stand out.

This soft, dreamy set can be achieved with one TGB color:

If you or your client want to get this look, you will need:

4. Blue Wedding Nails

Blue is simple yet elegant and can make the white of your gorgeous dress pop out. It can even count as your “something blue.”

If you want to try this baby blue design, then these are the colors you will need. If you are looking for a different kind of blue, fall in love with our other TGB shades.

  • 19 BIAB™: a pinky nude as a base to let the blue pop out.
  • Double Denim: a light wash-inspired creamy baby blue for a retro pastel pop.

5. Checkerboard Wedding Nails

Checkerboard pattern nails are playful and eye-catching.

Grab our highly pigmented white shade and shiny top coat:

6. Floral Wedding Nails

Flowers are a staple for many weddings and nail designs in general — whether they are used for decor, in bouquets, or as accessories. To coordinate your wedding even more, why not try to match your nails to your bouquet?

This floral design can be created with a white polish or an accent color for the subtle dots:

  • Love Letter: an eggshell off-white gel nail polish to accentuate the flowers.
  • Honey: a nude accent for the dot detailing.

7. Nude Wedding Nails With a Twist

Nude polish is a subtle way to include color. Using this intricate design with multiple neutrals is sure to stun in all your photos.

This intricate design is a mixture of several nude shades (from left to right):

  • Honey: a soft, warm pale nude.
  • Nude: a lighter nude to complement Honey.
  • Pudding BIAB: a chocolatey BIAB that will always leave you wanting more.
  • N32: a light, creamy brown to blend with Pudding.
  • Caramel: a glossy brown with warm undertones.
  • Cupcake BIAB: an off-white nude to combine with Caramel as the contrast in the middle fingernail.
  • Monogram: a classic go-to color that is creamy and deeply pigmented with yellow undertones.
  • Toffee BIAB: a candy-coated BIAB with beige undertones and notes of warm light brown to make up the rest of the design with Monogram.

8. Abstract Wedding Nails

Fun line art and swirls are go-to abstract designs.

This design can be achieved by using the perfect pigmented white shades:

  • Dreamer BIAB: a soft milky-pink nude to use as a base.
  • Milky BIAB: a milky white to help bring this bridal design to life.

9. Ombre Wedding Nails

Ombre nails are an opportunity to add a pop of color, such as the color of your bridesmaid's dresses or wedding palette.

You can achieve this soft ombre look by using:

10. Wedding Nails With Rhinestones

Too much bling is never a thing, especially on your wedding day. Does your wedding dress or suit have beautiful stones? You can top your nails with rhinestones for another dazzling layer.

This look can be replicated with rhinestones and adding this base color and top coat:

  • Peach Shades: a pretty pink as the background to allow the rhinestones to shine the most.
  • Rubber Top: an essential rubber top coat to ensure the rhinestones stay in place.

If you are looking for a more colorful option, you can use rainbow rhinestones to brighten the look:

  • Diana: a French white gel nail polish for the ultimate French tip to make the colored rhinestones pop.

11. Lace Wedding Nails

Traditional and romantic, lace can be an elegant top layer on a nude color or layered with other bright colors. A bonus is you can match the lace design to the potential lace of your wedding dress.

This beautiful lace design can be created using:

  • Cashmere: a soft, sheer nude as beautifully elegant as the fabric itself and used as the base.
  • Daisy: a creamy soft white that is used on the top layer to create the lace designs with a delicate aura.

12. Wedding Nail Design With Flames

Want to be bold and daring for your wedding day? These flame designs are sure to fulfill that fantasy and stun your guests down the aisle.

Achieve the look with the following colors and brushes:

  • Daisy: a creamy soft white that is used as the top layer to create the flames.
  • Dolly BIAB: a soft pink sheer nude as a base to highlight the clean design of the white flames.
  • Detailing Brush Collection: our ultimate brush range to help you achieve everything from full coverage to detailed lines and precise artistry.

13. Black and White Wedding Nails

Get the best of both worlds with black and white wedding nails. Have your dark and light sides meet with these stunning minimalist hearts and French tips.

Get the look with the following TGB gel colors:

  • 18 BIAB: the first base coat to give your nails a strengthening barrier.
  • Silk: a subtle sheer pink to apply after the base coat.
  • Jet Black: our darkest shade of black to use on the tips and hearts.
  • Daisy: a creamy soft white for the tips and hearts.

We hope you found bridal nail inspo for your or your clients’ special day with our limitless bridal nail colors. The GelBottle Inc has a variety of professional gel nail polish to create gorgeous unique bridal nails. To ensure those bridal nails stay perfect on the big day, check out our matte, gloss, or rubber top coats.