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Rubber Top

Rubber top coat is a very versatile product with many applications. It is great for adding structure to natural nails or can be used to prevent nails from chipping. Wear chunky glitter nails with confidence knowing that your manicure elements are secured with a gel rubber top coat. It can also serve as a great alternative to a regular top coat for those clients who want to get extra wear out of their manicures. It’s especially popular amongst people who are hard on their hands and need a sturdy top coat.

A rubber top coat is a strong and thick top coat for nails. It is ideal for encapsulating glitter, and building the last layer of nail extensions (for filing purposes, if nails are intended to be left opaque nude). It’s also used for simply finishing off gel manicures (apply a thicker layer and allow it to self-level before curing). Applying gems to nails is easy when using a rubber top coat! Simply use a fine brush and apply a thin layer of rubber top coat around the gemstones to hold them in place.

The product applies like polish and cures in an LED/UV lamp in 60 seconds. You don't need to use any cleansers or alcohol afterwards - simply apply your favorite cuticle oil to moisturize the skin around your nails and you're good to go!

When removing a rubber top coat, it is important to remove one nail at a time and not force the gel off. The first step to removing a rubber top coat is to file with the TGB 120/180 grit file. For a more in-depth gel removal process, our guide can help you!

Our products are currently available for professionals only. If you would like your nail service to include TGB rubber top coat, ask your salon or your nail technician if they have The GelBottle Inc™ products. If you would like to become a nail technician/or learn gel polish application yourself, we have amazing beginner courses available!

  • 100% Gel system;
  • Non-shrink and Non-Yellowing;
  • Up to 4 weeks long-lasting formula;
  • LED and UV curable;
  • One bottle can achieve up to 110 sets.

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