Extreme Shine Top Coat

Extreme Shine Top Coat is the must-have gel top coat with a megawatt shine. For clients who love a glossy top coat, our Extreme Shine Top Coat is guaranteed to level up any look. Not only does this gel top coat add an extreme shine, but this top coat nail polish also has the durable TGB protection you know and love. 

  • Crystal-clear, high-gloss finish
  • Scratch resistant for long-lasting results
  • Up to 4 weeks of wear
  • Nonwipe formula
  • 20ml bottle can achieve up to 110 sets

Frequently Asked Questions 

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What is top coat nail polish?

A shine gel top coat is a final coating used to seal nail polish, making it last longer and shine. There are usually two finishes used as a final coat: shiny and matte

What is a top coat nail polish used for?

A gloss top coat adds an extra layer of protection and shine to the design. 

How do I apply the clear gel top coat:

  • Apply a thin layer of our long-lasting top coat, then cure with the TGB Light the Way Nail Lamp for 99 seconds on low-heat mode.
  • Wipe off the tacky layer with isopropyl alcohol, refine the nail with a 120/180 file if necessary, and buff it into shape with a 100/180 buffer. Remove any dust with our Dusting Brush.

How long does the gel nail top coat take to dry?

Our top coat nail polish cures in 60 seconds using our nail lamp.

How many layers of top coat are needed?

We suggest using two coats of our shine gel top coat to seal in color and improve the longevity of the manicure.

Can you use regular nail polish and gel top coat?

It is possible, however, it is not recommended to use regular nail polish and a gel top coat. Regular nail polish takes significantly longer to dry than gel polish, therefore it is likely that the nail polish would still be wet when applying the glossy top coat. For best results, we suggest only applying the top coat of nail polish to dry polish and gel polish.

Is the top coat nail polish cruelty-free?

Yes! Our top coat nail polish is vegan and cruelty-free. Our gel polishes do not use animal byproducts or testing, and all our products are Leaping Bunny Certified. This is great to have in your salon or nail tech kit for clients who only use vegan gel polish. 

How long does the clear gel top coat bottle last? 

The gel polish top coat in the 20ml bottle can last for 25 to 65 sets, and the 7ml bottle can last up to 40 sets depending on the nail and extension length and how many layers it is used for. 

What happens if you do not apply top coat nail polish?

By not applying the glossy top coat, the manicured nails will not be as shiny or protected from chipping.

Can gel nail top coats be used to strengthen nails?

Yes! Our shiny gel top coat can be used to strengthen and protect your nails. This is done by reinforcing the nails with hard, durable layers of gel.

What is the difference between a clear builder gel and a top coat gel polish?

TGB Clear All-in-One Builder Gel can be used as a base coat under other BIABs and stand on its own for a layer of shine, whereas the Extreme Shine Top Coat is a lighter durable gel that is used to seal in the previous layers of polish and add a glossy finish. Both nail gels serve as a protective barrier to the natural nail. 

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