Celebrity Spotlight: Selena Gomez

If you love Selena Gomez and want some Selena Gomez-inspired nails, we have you covered! Do you want to recreate iconic Selena Gomez manicures with the same brand and colors? Well, you are in luck because the polishes are none other than The GelBottle Inc™ collection.

Where Does Selena Gomez Get Her Nails Done?

So, who does Selena Gomez’s nails? Celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik (@tombachik). Bachik has been her go-to nail tech, in addition to being the regular nail artist for Jennifer Lopez and many other A-list celebrities. For Bachik, his journey started with the need to provide for his future family. During the 1990s, a period when numerous nail trends that are still popular today emerged, Bachik realized that his plan to be a custom airbrush artist had given him a foot in the door. Learning that by becoming a manicurist he would be able to run his own business, set his hours, and work as much as he wanted, he obtained his license, competed, and became the famous nail artist we know today. 


Selena Gomez Nail Color Sightings

Selena's gorgeous nails did not go unnoticed during the 2022 Screen Actors Guild Awards. Her Ivy nails highlighted her dazzling emerald jewelry on the silver carpet spotlight.


Gorgeous white nails were one of Selena’s favorites in 2020. The Love Letter set she wore on The Tonight Show was no exception.


GelBottle Shade Matching

If you want to replicate Selena Gomez’s nails for the summer, try Sweet Pea, a neon green shade that is perfect for spring and summer.


If you followed the Critics Choice Awards in 2022, then you saw Selena Gomez’s nail polish color in Bloodgood alongside her stunning red dress.


If you or your clients want to emulate Selena Gomez’s vibes, shop her go-to polishes from The GelBottle now:


TGB Ivy 



Love Letter


Sweet Pea