Best Gel Polish Colors for Every Season

When it comes to nail polish colors, knowing which one will be more popular can be tricky, but we have taken the guesswork out of it for you. Find the top gel polish shades to stock up on each season.

Fall Gel Nail Polish Colors

In the fall, dark colors and light pinks tend to be trendy. Although a deep red is a classic, according to Vogue nail pros, people love to use earthy colors like deep moss green, bright mustards, and a rich variety of browns to encompass the changing of the leaves. We compiled The GelBottle Inc™ fall nail polish colors for you to try this autumn:

Secret Entrance







Winter Gel Nail Polish Colors

When you think of winter, what colors come to mind? You might say white, blue, red, and green after reflecting on all the festivities and holidays, including Christmas, New Year's, and Valentine's Day. With holiday spirit in the air and excitement everywhere, glitters and shimmers are super popular, and even allure loves chrome finishes. These are a few of TGB’s bestselling winter nail polish colors:



Blinding Lights




Spring Gel Polish Colors

Springtime is the season of beginnings as nature emerges from hibernation. With this, people love to try colors that express newfound emotions and journeys, which often involve pastel or light shades. Aligning with the spring nail polish colors The Zoe Report found to be trendy, these are some of our bestsellers for your appointments in March to May (and beyond):

Jane's Jewels



Ball Gown

Tea Room

Summer Gel Nail Polish Colors

Summer is filled with adventure, fun, and thrills. As temperatures rise, clients tend to go bolder and choose neons, shimmers, and bright, hot colors. Glamour notes that [people] shop around with the “intention of choosing something fun to spice things up a bit.” Don’t wait—snatch up these top five summer nail polish colors:

Blue Fin





Coral Touch

Just like the seasons' change, different colors rise in popularity and sometimes fall in and out of trend; some clients might even want to match their nail color with their favorite fall beverage. We hope you have fun experimenting with all the colors we shared, and if you want even more shades to try, check out TheGelBottle’s website and our collection of future-proof shades that are beautiful year-round.