Mustard Yellow Gel Polish

Perfect for any occasion and as a year-round favorite, our Mustard gel polish is a beautiful marriage of yellow and brown hues. Great for making a statement in the summer and for complementing your layered fall outfit, Mustard is as versatile as they come. Make this gel polish a staple at your salon for clients who want a classic yet unconventional look with a warm undertone and smooth finish. 

Our yellow gel polish comes in a mini gel polish bottle, as well as in a full-size 20-mL bottle. Achieve up to 40 sets with our 7-mL bottle, or purchase our 20-mL salon-size bottle to create up to 110 sets. For optimal results, we recommend using our nail lamp that will allow you to cure in 60 seconds. 

  • 100% gel system
  • Highly pigmented for easy coverage
  • Nonshrink and nonyellowing
  • Long-lasting results with up to 4 weeks of wear
  • LED and UV curable
  • Fast soak-off removal

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Need inspiration for your next set? Check out these gorgeous manis that use TGB Mustard. Whether you are creating a fall-inspired Skittles mani or hand-painted sunflowers or highlighting a solid yellow, TGB’s range of yellow gel polish will help you unleash your creativity. 

Is yellow gel nail polish a seasonal color?

Yellow is a versatile nail polish color, and a year-round favorite among TGB clients. Whether you are looking for a neon shade, a pastel, or a mustard yellow, our yellow gel nail polish comes in a variety of hues for any occasion or season.

Why is yellow gel nail polish so popular?

Frequently spotted on the runway and loved by celebrities, yellow gel nail polish never gets old. Whether it is saffron, mustard, or sunset yellow, the result is always an elegant yet bold look. In color psychology, yellow has always been associated with positive emotions and happiness, so why not paint your nails in yellow all year round?

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Peacci Mustard

This shade is also available as a regular polish in our Peacci range

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