Clear BIAB™

Clear Builder in a Bottle™, also known as our BIAB™, adds a beautiful shine for a clean finish. Ideal for creating strong overlays, Clear BIAB™ is a great way to help grow your clients’ nails as the clear builder gel will help strengthen the natural nails. 

Our clear nail gel builder comes in a mini gel bottle of 7ml and a full-size 20ml bottle. Achieve up to 40 sets with our 7ml bottle or 25-65 sets with our 20ml salon-size bottle depending on the nail and length. For optimal results, we recommend using our nail lamp that will allow you to cure in 60 seconds. 

  • 100% gel system
  • Requires a base coat such as Rubber Base
  • Can be infilled
  • Long-lasting results with up to 4 weeks of wear
  • Designed to help grow the natural nail
  • LED and UV curable

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Clear BIAB is a staple for every nail tech’s collection. Its pure shine and ability to help strengthen and grow natural nails make it a must. Our clear builder gel requires a base coat and can be cured with LED and UV.

Does builder gel come in colors other than clear?

Yes, our builder gel bottles come in a variety of colors, including clear. It is perfect for creating strong overlays and strengthening the natural nail barrier to complement your clients’ styles.

Does clear builder gel require a UV or LED lamp?

Yes. Our clear nail gel builder is both LED and UV curable. We recommend you try curing it with our professional UV/LED Light the Way Nail Lamp

Can you use Clear BIAB as a base coat?

No, Clear BIAB cannot serve as a base coat as it requires a base coat of its own. For best results, we recommend using our 2-in-1 base coat and primer, Rubber Base.

Do I need a base coat under the Clear BIAB™?

Yes, for this particular builder gel, The GelBottle Inc Rubber Base is required before applying this color.

How do I apply the Clear BIAB?

Applying the Clear BIAB gel is a five-step process:

  1. Prep the nails by cleaning, pushing back cuticles, filing, gently buffing, and dehydrating the nail plate.
  2. Apply the 2-in-1 Base Coat and Primer or TGB Rubber Base Coat. Then cure for 60 seconds under the TGB Light the Way Nail Lamp.
  3. Apply the first layer of the Clear BIAB, and cure with The GelBottle Inc Light the Way Nail Lamp.
  4. Apply the second layer of BIAB, and cure with the Light the Way Nail Lamp.
  5. Apply TGB Extreme Shine Top Coat, Glazed Top Coat, or Matte Top Coat, and cure with the Light the Way Nail Lamp.

Is the Clear BIAB gel cruelty free?

Yes! Our Clear BIAB is vegan and cruelty free. Our builder gels do not use animal byproducts or testing, and all our products are Leaping Bunny Certified. This is great to have in your salon or nail tech kit for clients who only use vegan gel polish. 

How long does the Clear builder gel bottle last? 

The Clear BIAB in the 20ml bottle can last for 25 to 65 sets, depending on the nail and extension length.

Can I use the Clear BIAB on natural nails or tips?

Both! The Clear BIAB works beautifully on overlays, tips, and natural nails. It even works to strengthen and protect your nails. This is done by reinforcing the nails with the hard, durable layers of gel.

Does BIAB have HEMA?

Our NU All-in-One and Clear All-in-One BIAB contain 50% less HEMA, which means no heat spikes while maintaining the same self-leveling, super strong results as our original BIAB formula offers.

How do I remove Clear builder gel polish?

Removing the Clear gel polish is a five-step process:

  1. Start by cleaning the nails thoroughly.
  2. Use the 120/180 grit file to remove the top coat of gel until there is no more shine.
  3. Soak TGB Lint-Free Wipes in 100% acetone, and wrap nails in foil or TGB nail clips for 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. Remove the foil or nail clip from one nail at a time, and scrape off the gel before starting the next nail. Use a TGB Cuticle Pusher to remove the remaining gel.
  5. Buff nails if there is any base coat left, then shape the natural nail.

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