Clear BIAB™

Clear Builder in a Bottle™, also known as our BIAB™, adds a beautiful shine for a clean finish. Ideal for creating strong overlays, Clear BIAB™ is a great way to help grow your clients’ nails as the clear builder gel will help strengthen the natural nails. 

Our clear nail gel builder comes in a mini gel bottle of 7ml and a full-size 20ml bottle. Achieve up to 40 sets with our 7ml bottle or 25-65 sets with our 20ml salon-size bottle depending on the nail and length. For optimal results, we recommend using our nail lamp that will allow you to cure in 60 seconds. 

  • 100% gel system
  • Requires a base coat such as Rubber Base
  • Can be infilled
  • Long-lasting results with up to 4 weeks of wear
  • Designed to help grow the natural nail
  • LED and UV curable

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Clear BIAB is a staple for every nail tech’s collection. Its pure shine and ability to help strengthen and grow natural nails make it a must. Our clear builder gel requires a base coat and can be cured with LED and UV.

Does builder gel come in colors other than clear?

Yes, our builder gel bottles come in a variety of colors, including clear. It is perfect for creating strong overlays and strengthening the natural nail barrier to complement your clients’ styles.

Does clear builder gel require a UV or LED lamp?

Yes. Our clear nail gel builder is both LED and UV curable. We recommend you try curing it with our professional UV/LED Light the Way Nail Lamp

Can you use Clear BIAB as a base coat?

No, Clear BIAB cannot serve as a base coat as it requires a base coat of its own. For best results, we recommend using our 2-in-1 base coat and primer, Rubber Base.

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