Sparkly Summer Nail Trends 2024

It's time to rejuvenate your summer nail designs with our breezy, sparkly collections.

Let us embrace the gloss and cherry craze with our Amore Cat-Eye gel. 

Celebrity manicurist and educator Julie Kandalec (@julieknailsnyc) thinks our bright neon green French with a chrome twist is going to be everywhere this season. 

"It's a simple way to show just a bit of color, especially a bright or unique one. Add chrome to it, and you have two trends in one! They are all so beautiful," she says. 

This summer, we bring you an abundance of nail fashion, tech, and inspo to keep those nails dazzling all around. 


Must-Have Summer Colors  

Fruitful Fun 

Celebrate the vibrant summer nail colors with the playful spirit of fruits and color bombs like N121, Flashing Lights, Bellini, Candy, and Coral Touch. 


Tropical Paradise 

Induce the calming blues of the ocean, the vibrant life of coral reefs, and the lush greens of a tropical paradise. Think Forget Me Not, Tea Room, Ocean Safari, Tiffany, Pastel V101, and N34. 


Neon Nights 

Embrace the eye-catching energy of neon colors this summer. Consider our shades: Barbie, Lime Punch, Electric Blue, and Rave On. 


Metallic Magic 

Embrace the luxurious glow of metallics for your summer nail designs with shades like Goldfame, Silver Tree, Rose Gold, and our Chrome Comforts Bundle. 


Minimalist Marvels 

Minimalism stays this summer too! Shift your focus to clean lines, negative space, and subtle details with neutral shades like N31, Secret Jewel, Sandy Beach, and Cosmos.


Designs Inspired by the Ocean 

Seashell Chic 

Get inspired with seashell decals in various sizes and colors, and a blue or turquoise base for a classic beachy look! To top it off, go for our Gold or Mirror Chrome Pigments for your bright summer nails. 


Ocean Waves 

Claim an ocean wave effect with a blue-and-white ombre transition for your nails. With our Iris shade as the base, blend Blue Marine or Oceania toward the tip to get yourself beach-ready. 


Underwater Treasures

Our teal shade, Monet, topped with tiny hand-painted anchors or starfishes is perfect for striking luscious underwater summer nail designs. 


Glittering Mermaid 

Get a mesmerizing mermaid scale look with our Hola! Holo nail polish, creating a shimmery effect for your mermaid nails with an ombre twist. 


Designs Inspired by Summer Fruits 

Watermelon Slices 

Design juicy watermelon stripes with contrasting pink and green polishes. With a creamy pink base and clean green vertical lines topped with black dots for watermelon seeds, get your fruity summer nail look with this simple design!


Citrus Splash 

Capture the sunshine with bright lemon-yellow polish with lemon wedges by painting a curved yellow shape on a white base. Rock your citrus nails this summer with our refreshing shade, Lemonade. 


Berry Delight 

Paint your nails with our bold red shade for a lovely cherry design. Julie K. thinks our TGB Amore Cat-Eye gel polish will be the nail color for the summer. 

"’90s nails are still having their moment, and that includes nostalgic designs like cherries! I love how they're both ‘90s and coquette, depending on the shade you choose for the cherry." 


Tropical Mix 

Embrace the tropical vibe of summer nail designs with fruits like pineapple, kiwi, and mango through our beautiful shades: Daffodil, Serena, and Butternut.


DIY Summer Nail Ideas  

Citrus Splash Nails 

What you'll need: 

tgb rubber base coat

Rubber Base (or All-in-One Clear BIAB) 

tgb daisy

White nail polish (Daisy) 


Lemon yellow (Daffodil)

tgb key lime pie

Lime green nail polish (Key Lime Pie) 

jet black studio gel

Black nail art pen or paint (Jet Black Studio Gel™)

extreme shine top coat

Extreme Shine Top Coat   

  • Makeup sponge  

Application steps: 

  1. Prep your nails: Remove any old polish, and gently push back your cuticles. Apply a base coat to all your nails, and cure. 
  2. Paint your base color: Apply two thin coats of white nail polish. Allow each coat to dry completely before applying the next. This white base will make the citrus colors pop. 
  3. Create the wedges (solid-color method): 
    1. Choose your desired citrus color: lemon yellow or lime green. 
    2. Paint each nail a solid coat of the chosen color. Allow it to dry completely. 
  4. Create the wedges (brush method): 
    1. Use a thin nail art brush or the polish brush itself (if it has a fine tip) to outline a wedge shape on your white base coat. 
    2. Fill in the outlined wedge with your chosen citrus color (lemon yellow or lime green). 
    3. You can add a thin green line at the top of the yellow wedge to represent the lemon peel (for lemon wedges). 
  5. Add black details: 
    1. Use Jet Black Studio Gel to add a small black dot at the tip of the wedge for the lime's stem (for lime wedges). 
  6. Top it off: Apply a layer of Extreme Shine Top Coat, and cure to seal your design and protect your nails. Let the top coat dry completely to get the bright summer nails. 

Pro tips for a flawless finish: 

  1. Thin coating is the key: Apply thin coats of polish to avoid smudging and allow for easier cleanup. 
  2. Clean up mistakes: Use a cotton swab or brush dipped in nail polish remover (without acetone) to clean up any polish smudges around the edges. 
  3. Double coat your citrus colors: For a more vibrant and opaque look, apply two thin coats of your citrus color. 


For more ideas, check out our Spring Tutorial course on TGB Academy.  


This summer, go all out on pastels, neons, and shimmers to find your soul colors and make your nails pop.