Dusting Brush

Brush to perfection with our Dusting Brush. Our retractable dust brush for nails is the perfect tool for a clean finish. Our nail dust brush can be used to wipe off dust or powder during a manicure. The retractable function of our nail brush duster allows you to easily and conveniently take it anywhere without damaging the bristles. 

  • Retractable brush head​
  • Swipe away excess for a clean finish​
  • Perfect for use with Studio Acrylic Powder

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What is a nail dust brush?

A nail dust brush is a small tool used in the process of manicuring nails, using powder, and cleaning excess dust during nail art. 

Is a nail brush duster essential?

A nail brush duster is an essential tool that helps remove nail dust quickly and effectively. While there are other ways to remove nail dust, such as using a damp cloth or cotton pad, a nail dust brush is efficiently designed for this purpose.

How do I clean my nail dust brush?

Learning how to clean your nail dust brush is important to maintain good hygiene and prevent the spread of germs. First, you must remove excess debris by gently tapping the brush against a hard surface or using a toothbrush to scrub it out. Second, wash the nail dust brush with soap and water. Once the brush is clean, disinfect it to kill any remaining germs. Then store your brush in a clean dry place where it will not be exposed to dust or other contaminants.


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