Mirror Chrome Studio Gel™

A high pigment, buildable gel perfect for tips and nail art. Chrome Studio Gel allows you to create beautiful nail art on your nails, without worrying about any mess. The dense, highly-pigmented formula paints on effortlessly for bold, solid lines for even the smallest of details. Plus, with the newly designed nail art brushes, creating graphic art has never been easier. Take your nail art to the next level with Chrome Studio Gel polish 

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

Highly pigmented for one-coat perfection. Mirror Chrome is an essential addition to your nail art kit and the go-to for achieving chrome tips and reflective nail art designs.

Mirror Chrome brings ease, speed and accuracy of application every time.

  • Liquid-mirror chrome finish​
  • Highly pigmented​
  • Easy to apply fine lines​
  • One product that can achieve nail art with speed and ease

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