Nourish. Relax. Refresh.

Pillow Powder™ is an indulgent repair soak. The pillow-soft foam and nourishing blends of almond oil and vitamin E soften and soothe skin and dry cuticles.

A luxurious treat — let a feeling of calm wash over your clients with this universal soak — perfect for all skin types.

The sophisticated woody amber accord is combined with heady florals and warm exotic spices, wrapped in oud, suede, amber, and musk for a truly indulgent mani-pedi appointment.

96%* of users agreed their skin felt refreshed after using Pillow Powder.

Directions for use: Add 1-2 scoops of Pillow Powder to running warm water, and allow it to foam. Soak hands or feet for 8-12 minutes. After soaking, pat dry with a clean towel.

Restock with refills. Opt for sustainability with TGB SPA™ products, offered in salon-size refillable pouches, allowing you to to save an average of 15%.

  • Made in the U.K.
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Cost-effective, salon-size
  • User-friendly packaging
  • Size(s) 375g

*Based on an independent, external trial with 23 people.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Spa Soak Powder

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In what order should the TGB SPA products be used?

The GelBottle SPA products can be used to enhance your client’s spa experience. We recommend this order for your mani-pedi services, making the spa soak the second step to help clean and soften the skin.

  1. Clean Care™
  2. Pillow Powder™
  3. Mineral Scrub™
  4. Therapy Mask™
  5. H20 Cream™
  6. Better Balm™
  7. Cuticle Remover

How do I use the spa soak powder?

Add one to two scoops of the spa soak powder to running warm water, and allow it to foam. Have your clients soak their hands or feet for eight to 12 minutes, then pat dry.

How do I refill the spa soak container?

Once you run out of the hand and foot soak powder, you can order a Pillow Powder Refill pouch. These pouches make it easy to pour into your empty container, so be sure to keep your professional spa soak powder container to limit the amount of plastic waste you have.

What are the key ingredients in the professional spa soak?

A few of the powerful natural ingredients in our hand and foot soak powder include:

  • Almond oil — an antioxidant-rich oil that hydrates, nourishes, and softens dry skin
  • Vitamin E — an antioxidant that moisturizes skin
  • Citric acid — an organic compound that helps clean pores and even skin tone

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