Say hello to effortless, baby-soft pedicures with the newest addition to our E-tool family: the TGB E-Foot File. Innovated by nail techs for nail techs, our electric foot file provides a new standard in hygienic, safe, simple pedicures for smooth, soft skin in minutes. With our electric foot file, pedicure callus removal will be a breeze. Make this your go-to electric pedicure file. Plus, when you purchase our E-Foot File, you will receive a free box of 60 buffing discs (replacements can be purchased separately).

  • Industry-leading hygiene standards
  • Lightweight and ergonomic — say goodbye to days of rigorous manual buffing
  • Adjustable speed controls, up to 500 RPM
  • 360° rotating disc effortlessly adapts to foot contours
  • Remarkably quiet motor
  • Bonus: Receive a FREE box of 60 buffing discs when you buy an E-Foot File (replacements can be purchased separately)

Not trained in pedicure treatments? Treat yourself to the E-Foot File to get YOUR feet* summer ready.

*Without pedicure training, the E-Foot File is only suitable for personal use with caution.

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What is a professional electric foot file?

A professional electric foot file is a dead skin and callus remover that smoothes out cracked heels and rough feet quickly to give clients smoother feet as they get a pedicure. While most salons use different foot filers, an electric pedicure file can improve your efficiency and time.

Are electric foot files good for salon use?

Yes, an electric foot file can be a great alternative to manual foot files. They may require a learning curve, but when used properly, you and your clients will enjoy the results. Using our electric foot file cuts down on pedicure times — plus our E-Foot File is lightweight and super comfortable to use. 

Is the TGB E-Foot File the best electric foot file callus remover?

Our E-Foot File can be a great tool to remove foot calluses. With the right grit, they can do more than remove some dead skin. We have both a 60-Grit Disc and the 40-Grit Disc, which are designed to be callus removal buffing discs. 

How do I use an electric foot file?

When using our electric foot file, apply the right grit disc needed for the job. We offer a 60-Grit Disc and 40-Grit Disc; which you use depends on the condition of your client’s skin and needs. Then simply turn on the electric foot file after connecting the power, and begin to hover it across the feet. Move slowly over the areas of hard skin you want to remove, and do not push down too hard against the skin or hold the foot file in the same place for longer than three seconds. Please note that without pedicure training, our E-Foot File is only suitable for personal use with caution.


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