10x Peacci Shape Nail File

  • Works out at just $5.99 a unit!
  • The ideal file for natural nails
  • Uniquely gentle with no uncomfortable sensation
  • Effortless to clean
  • Handbag must-have item
  • Long-lasting innovative micro-grain technology
  • Carry case included
  • Bulk discount price provides a 40% profit margin for you based on Peacci RRP of $9.99 a unit*
  • Perfect retail opportunity to increase your revenue

The perfect tool to shape your nails whichever way you choose, the Peacci Shape is miles ahead of the nail game. It benefits from an innovative micro-grain technology so it doesn’t feel like a glass file at all! Even our Peacci males are loving this file. It’s gentle on natural nails - no uncomfortable feeling or sensation - and it shapes them to perfection in next to no time. Whatever your style, from almond to coffin shape, this is the file for you. Just like our Peacci Smooth Foot File, it’s ridiculously easy to clean. Simply rinse under a tap for a couple of seconds and it’ll be as good as new. Give your nails the luxury treatment they deserve anytime as this file is the ideal size to pop in your handbag too!

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Peacci Shape Nail File
Peacci Shape Nail File
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