Blooming Gel

Effortlessly achieve a beautiful blooming gel marble design with just a stroke of your favorite color on top of the uncured blooming gel polish. Using this clear gel polish helps create amazing blooming gel nail art by combining a thin layer of blooming gel with a gel polish color. Follow these simple steps to create a unique watercolor effect. Whether you’re looking to paint a simple swirl design or an abstract flower design, your creativity knows no bounds when using our blooming gel polish!

Blooming gel is a clear gel polish that is used before applying the desired color that you want to ‘bloom’. Using blooming gel polish is a great way to create beautiful designs that mimic marble, natural stone, watercolors, floral print, tie-dye, and gradients.

Product application involves very simple steps allowing the nail tech to create unique designs every single time. Not to mention, the fun and Instagram-worthy blooming gel nail art is something your clients will definitely want to show off.

Blooming gel polish consists of a formula that lets the color spread and settle after being applied on top of the blooming gel polish. This blooming technique can be used in many ways, depending on the blooming gel designs that your client desires. It can add realistic, dimensional and abstract effects to your creative nail designs. The process also takes a few minutes which allows you to work efficiently without losing quality. Your customers will love the fact that there are many blooming gel ideas that can be created in minutes!

In order to use The GelBottle Blooming Gel, you first need to apply 2 in 1 Base and a desired GelBottle Color as usual, and cure. After curing, apply Blooming Gel. Before curing your Blooming Gel layer, use another gel color to draw your design onto the nail and then cure. The final step is to apply a top coat and wow your customer with the end result.

Blooming nail designs are always in style! Creating stand-out patterns that burst with creativity and uniqueness has never been easier. No blooming nail design is ever the same which is what really makes this effect gel unique. Blooming gel polish will keep your client coming back for more. 

  • 100% Gel system;
  • Non-shrink and Non-Yellowing;
  • Up to 4 weeks long lasting formula;
  • LED and UV curable;
  • Fast soak-off removal;

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