10x Peacci Toe Separators

  • Works out at just $1.19 a unit!
  • Creates perfect distance between toes for easy filing & smudge-free painting
  • Lightweight and super comfy
  • Reusable
  • Bulk discount price provides a 60% profit margin for you based on Peacci RRP of $1.99 a unit*
  • Perfect retail opportunity to increase your revenue

These toe separators are a real asset to a perfect at-home pedicure. They're super comfortable and easy to use for excellently polished toes. Get these included when you buy the full #PeacciPamper S.K.I.N set.

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*Peacci products must be retailed at RRP minimum

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Peacci Toe Separators
Peacci Toe Separators
qty: 10

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