March 31, 2020

It has been over two weeks since the country was put on a state of “shelter-in-place” due to the coronavirus emergency. In that time, we have made major changes to our business and how we operate. Our main driver in this has been to ensure the safety and good health of all of our staff. We have also strived to continue to provide you with the great service and the fabulous products you would expect from us. This note is to update you with the steps we have taken.

Slightly ahead of the government’s most recent announcements, we were proactive, brisk and decisive in ensuring people’s health. Safety was, and always will be, our number one priority. This focus has not slowed down. Since the COVID-19 virus appeared in the US, we have had in place a work-from-home model for all office staff, however impractical and challenging that may have been. We have also made major changes to the operations within our warehouse facility.

Our warehouse has strict safety procedures that have been introduced and they are being stringently managed and adhered to. The wearing of gloves and masks is compulsory, the travel to and from work by public transport is not allowed, breaks are taken separately, standing six feet apart is a “must do” and the team are navigating themselves around the building with great care and skill to maintain safe levels of separation. All common areas are sanitized twice a day and hand washing stations are available and well stocked.

Well before the crisis, we had made a large investment in our warehouse and in stock levels. This investment is really paying off now. We have enough space to operate safely, and without needing a constant flow of incoming delivery drivers.

All the government health warnings have been relayed to the teams, there are posters and reminders all over the place, and health and safety remains our number one concern.

With health and safety measures in place, we have been able also to turn our attention to our business, and to our customers. We are pleased to announce that, due to the close attention to the safety measures above, we remain fully open for business.

You can rely on the same level of service from TGB/Peacci. The speed of order-to-delivery is almost unaffected by the circumstances. You can be comforted that the warehouse is working safe and secure, and that as a result, you can order with confidence and pride.

The company, and indeed the whole world, is being challenged in a way that no one could have guessed just a few weeks ago. We are confident that with the goodwill, hard work, flexibility of our exceptionally talented and motivated team, as well as the safety measures we have introduced, we will come through this quickly and safely. All of us will be stronger and better than ever when this emergency ends.

We cannot thank you enough for your continued support.
Michael Hollman – CEO TGB USA
Team TGB